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Madison Parish Regiments

Regiments Organized from Madison Parish:
Milliken's Bend Guards
Madison Dragoons
Macon Cavaly
Madison Infantry
Madison Light Artilliery
Madison Company
Madison Tipperaries;
The Madison Tips, no doubt upset some local notions about foreign immigrants. It was made up of Irishman from Country Tipperary in Ireland. They had been working on the levee until May, 1861, when a shortage of levee funds threatened them with unemployment. They enlisted and formed the Madison Tips. The Tips are said to have been famous fighters who "relished a melee for its own sake." When not fighting the enemy, they fought each other. No doubt they proved to be fearsome soldiers.

1st. Louisiana Infantry

Company F (Concordia Parish)
Capt. Joseph Benjamin
Note: Brother of Judah Benjamin-Confederate Sec. Of State, War
Lt. William R. Purvis
Lt. C. B. Wheeler
Lt. A. G. Cilleteau
Lt. Hughes Wilson
Major S. W. Campbell
Lt. T. H. Runyan

15th Battalian; Co. A., B. & F.

Company A ~ Tensas Parish - [originally Company A, 15th Battalion Cavalry] (Tensas Cavalry, McCall's, Buckner's)
Company B ~ Madison Parish [originally Company B, 15th Battalion Cavalry] (Harper's, Wells's)
Company F ~ Morehouse Parish [originally Company F, 15th Battalion Cavalry] (Comer's)
1St Louisiana Infantry

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U S Colored Troops from Carroll Parish area

47TH U.S. COLORED INFANTRY REGIMENT - Lake Providence, Louisiana - 8th Louisiana Infantry (African Descent)
48TH U.S. COLORED INFANTRY REGIMENT - Lake Providence, Louisiana - 10th Louisiana Infantry (African Descent)
49TH U.S. COLORED INFANTRY REGIMENT - Milliken's Bend, Louisiana - 11th Louisiana Infantry (African Descent)
51ST U.S. COLORED INFANTRY REGIMENT - Milliken's Bend, Louisiana - 1st Mississippi Infantry (African Descent)
52ND U.S. COLORED 63RD U.S. COLORED INFANTRY - Memphis and Island No. 10, Tennessee, Vicksburg, Mississippi and Goodrich's Landing, Louisiana - 9th Louisiana Infantry (African Descent)

Tiger Bayou Rifles

14th Louisiana Field Montgomery’s Unit
Tiger Bayou Rifles
12Aiken, Robert A. I Private Private 13Aken, Robert A. I Private Private 14Aken, Robert S. I Private Private 20Allen, Henry I Private Private 23Allen, Nestor I Private Private 24Allen, Newton I Private Private 30Armstrong, John I Private Private 31Armstrong, William I Private Private 43Bacon, R.C. I First Lieutenant First Lieutenant 44Bacon, William A. I First Lieutenant First Lieutenant 55Ball, S. T. I Private Private83Bass, Monk I Private Private 84Bass, Moses I Private Private 146Boggs, Lilburn I Private Private 149Bolt, Charles H.F. I Private Private 150Bolt, Dink I Private Private 151Bolt, James H. I Private Private 152Bolt, S.T. I Private Private 153Bolt, Samuel G. I Private Private 174Bradley, Randolph I (also in “B”) Second Lieutenant Captain 309Carroll, Christopher I Private Private 314Carroll, Martin I (also in “G”)Private Private 318Carroll, William Martin I (also in “G”)Private Private410Conlan, George I Private Private 411Conley, John B Private Private 412Conley, Patrick A Private Private 413Conlie, James B Private Private 414Conlin, George I Private Private429Cook, James V. I Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant 430Cook, W.A. ... Sergeant Sergeant 431Cook, William M. I Sergeant Sergeant 432Cooke, William I Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant 433Cooley, Benjamin C. E First Lieutenant Captain 434Cooley, Eugene C. E Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant 435Cooley, William H. E Captain Captain 436Coon, W. C. A Private Private 437Coons, W. C. A Private Private 438Cooper, George I Private Private 439Cooper, Titus V. I Private Private 466Coyle, James R. I Private Private 541Dean, Edward I (also in “C”) Private Private 575Diamond, E. I Sergeant Sergeant 586Dobson, J. W. C,I Private First Lieutenant 587Dobson, William H. D,I Private First Lieutenant 592Donell, J. C. I Private Private 596Donley, John I Private Private 598Donly, P. W. I Private Private 600Donnelly, John W. I Private Private 601Donnerly, John W. I Private Private 640Dumont, E. I Sergeant Sergeant 683English, Henry I Private Private 684English, J.Henry I Private Private 685English, William P. I Private Corporal 694Evans, J.M. I Private Private 695Evans, James I Private Private 705Farmer, Enoch I Sergeant First Lieutenant 756Flemings, Henry I Private Private 757Flemming, Henry I Private Private 765Ford, Owen I Private Sergeant 786Frasier, John I Private Private 787Frazier, John H. I Private Private 802Gaffeney, Charles I Private Private 804Gaffeny, Charles I Private Private 805Gafferny, Charles I Private Private 809Gaffry, C. I Private Private 811Gafney, Charles I Private Private 819Gallagan, P. H. I (also in “A”) Sergeant Sergeant826Gallagin, Pat I (also in “A”)Sergeant Sergeant 856Gayden, John E. I Corporal Sergeant 880Geyden, John I Corporal Sergeant 902Glennon, Robert I First Lieutenant First Lieutenant1010Harden, George I Private Private1024Haughton, John L. I Private Private 1057Helmes, John I Private Private 1058Helms, Ira P. I Private Private 1059Helms, J.P. I Private Private 1060Helms, Marion J. I Private Private1057Helmes, John I Private Private 1058Helms, Ira P. I Private Private 1059Helms, J.P. I Private Private 1060Helms, Marion J. I Private Private1110Holin, I. I Private Private 1114Holland, John I Private Private 1135Horton, John L. I Private Private 1137Houghton, J. L. I Private Private1144Huckabee, Thomas M. I Private Private 1145Huckaby, Minton I Private Private 1146Huckleby, William I Private Private 1149Hufty, Isaac I Private Private 1155Hughes, W. H. I A Private Private 1156Hughes, William I A Private Private1162Hurley, John W. I Private Private 1163Huskabee, Mintor I Private Private 1177Jackson, George I Private Private 1200Joice, Patrick I Private Private1206Jones, James I Private Sergeant 1207Jones, Jesse I Private Private 1208Jones, Richard W. I Captain Lieutenant Colonel 1210Jones, William A. I Private Private 1216Joyce, Patrick I Private Private 1228Kauffmam, L. I,E Musician Private 1229Kaufman, J.S. I,E Musician Private 1231Kaufman, Stephen E,I Musician Private 294Knight, Edward I A Private Private 1325Landrum, J. L. I Private Private 1326Landrum, James I Private Private 1370Lindsey, Charles I Private Private 1371Lindsey, Charlton I Private Private1382Looney, Francis I Private Private 1383Looney, Frank A. I Private Private 1384Lott, James D. I Private Private1451Martin, Charles R. I Sergeant Captain 1468McAlister, A.J. I Private Private 1486McCallister, A.J. I Private Private1507McCaskill, Daniel I Private Private 1531McCullen, Benjamin F. I Private Private 1603McGevern, G. I,G Private Private 1615McGorvan, John I,G Private Private 1616McGoveran, J. I,G Private Private 1617McGovern, John I,G Private Private 1634McHale, John I Musician Private 1638McKale, John I Musician Private 1716Miers, M. M. I Private Private 1774Montgomery, Field F. I Second Lieutenant Captain/Acting Quartermaster1783Moore, H. I Private 1787Moore, R. H. I Private Private 1788Moore, Robert A. I Private Private1831Mullen, James I Private Sergeant 1837Mullin, James I Private Sergeant1862Murrah, C. I Private Sergeant 1863Murrah, C. J. I Private Sergeant 1864Murrah, John W. I Private Sergeant 1865Murray, John I Private Sergeant 1868Murroh, John I Private Sergeant 1878Myers, Morgan M. I Private Private1908Nickerson, G.M. I Private Private 1914Nixon, J.W. I Private Private 1915Nixon, James M. I Private Private 1916Noble, J.A. A,I Sergeant Private 1936O'Brian, Patrick F,I Private Private 1943O'Brien, Patrick F,I Private Private 1944O'Brien, William A Private Private 1945O'Brine, John B,H Sergeant Sergeant 1946O'Brine, P. F,I Private Private 1947O'Brion, E. A Private Private 1948O'Brion, P. F,I Private Private 1951O'Bryan, Patrick D,I Private Private 1958O'Daniel, James I Private Private 1959O'Daniel, James W. I Private Private 1960O'Daniel, John I Private Private 1961O'Daniel, John C. I Private Private 1962O'Daniels, J.C. I Private Private 1976O'Donnell, J.C. I Private Private1989O'Mally, Dennis I Private Private2011Olaphant, Robert I Private Private 2012Oleman, Fred C Sergeant Sergeant 2013Oliphant, Robert L. I Private Private 2041Penrose, Joseph B. W. I Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant 2056Phealan, P. D. I Private Private 2057Phelan, Patrick I Private Private 2058Phelan, Phillip D. I Private Private 2059Phelen, P. D. I Private Private 2060Phillips, Clayton I Private Private2061Phillips, Joel I Private Private2095Pope, John S. I Private First Sergeant 2098Pouncey, G.W. I Corporal Captain 2099Pouncey, George H. I Corporal Captain 2100Pouncy, George H. I Corporal Captain2141Ranalds, M. M. I Private Private 2145Ravan, Benjamin I Private Private 2173Reven, B. I Private Private 2184Richmond, James I Private Private 2185Riely, P. J. C Private Private 2186Rigney, Jefferson I Private Private 2187Rigney, Thomas J. I Private Private 2190Riley, John Private Private 2199Rivan, Benjamin I Private Private2201Roberson, W. L. I Private Private 2204Robertson, William L. I Private Private 2209Robinson, William I Private Private 2212Rodgers, R. I Private Private 2231Russell, Jasper A. I Private Private 2238Saary, James I Private Private2247Sandsing, Albert H. I Musician Private 2249Sansing, A.H. I Musician Private 2250Sansing, James I Musician Private 2261Scarborough, James I Private Corporal 2262Scarborough, James R. I Private Corporal 2263Scarbrough, J.R. I Private Corporal 2286Scott, Robert I,F Corporal Private 2288Scott, William A. I,F Corporal Private 2291Seary, James I Private Private2309Shannon, E.W. I Corporal Corporal 2310Shannon, William I Corporal Corporal 2313Shaw, Henry M. I Private Private 2317Shaw, W.H. I Private Private 2327Shepherd, Joseph W. I Private Private 2328Sheppard, James I Private Private 2329Sheppard, Joseph I Private Private 2331Sherman, William B,I Private Private2344Simmons, Lafayette I Private Private 2347Simpson, E.L. I Brevet Second Lieutenant Brevet Second Lieutenant2384Snow, John C. I Private Sergeant 2393Spraberry, G.B. I Private Corporal 2394Spraburry, Ulitious G.B. I Private Corporal 2395Sprabury, U.L. I Private Corporal 2396Sprabury, Ulitius L.G.B. I Private Corporal 2400Spryberry, C.L.B. I Private Corporal 2411Stewart, William W. I Private Private2432Strong, Joseph I Private Private 2436Stuart, I Private Private 2478Taylor, William M. I Private Corporal2486Thompson, F. I Sergeant Second Lieutenant 2487Thompson, G.W. I Sergeant Second Lieutenant 2488Thompson, J.B. I Sergeant Second Lieutenant 2489Thompson, J.H. I Private Private 2490Thompson, Virgil I Sergeant Second Lieutenant 2499Todd, William D. I Private Private 2528Troup, John L. I Private Private2559Waddington, C. I Private Private 2561Wadlington, Garner I Private Private 2562Wadlington, John I Private Private 2563Wadlington, Thomas G. I Private Private2619Welsh, Albert I Private Private 2629Wester, E. I Private Private 2630Westley, William I Private Private 2648White, Benjamin W. I Private First Sergeant2665Wilkers, Robert I Private Private 2666Wilkerson, Robert B. I Private Private 2673Williamson, Irvin G. I Private Private2700Worley, A.S. I Private Private 2701Worseley, Layfayette A. I Private Private 2702Worsley, A.L. I Private Private 2703Worsley, Lafayette I Private Private

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Briarfield Rebels

6th Battalian Arkansas Cavalry, Co. D
6th Battalian AR Cavalry, Co. F. "Macon Cavalry" of Madison Parish, La. (April 20, 1862)
2nd Regiment Arkansas Cavalry, Co. C. (May 15, 1862)
A cavalry company formed in Providence, Carroll Parish on Aug. 10, 1861. The courageous and resourceful Lieutenant Cicero M. Allen and Lieutenant Allen and all the brave Louisianans engaged in the skirmish at Newport News, Virginia. The 1st sacrifice of the South was Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Dreux. Cicero & Columbus Allen, Bailey V. Vinson and McVicker carried his body from the field.
While in Briton's Lane, Tennessee, Cicero Allen was wounded and made prisoner. After being carried to a Federal hospital where they dressed his wounds he walked out of the hospital and found the surgeons horse - leaped into the saddle and fled into the darkness. Afterwards he was called "The One-Armed Scout".
The Briarfield Rebels fought in Tennessee and later in eastern Louisiana. The company enlisted in Confederate service at Memphis, Tennessee, on September 1, 1861, and was assigned as Co. D. of the 6th Battalion Arkansas Cavalry.
(another 'Briarfield Rebels' story "The Twins")
Roster of the Brierfield Rebels.
Allen, Cicero M--Private.
Allen, Columbus H--Private.
Baskin, R P--Private.
Beasley, Emanuel--Private.
Blackman, B Jr--Private.
Booth, Hull--Private.
Bradford, Benjamin F--Private.
Bradford, J B--Private.
Bunch, A H--Private.
Byrnes, James--Private.
Chandler, B J--Private.
Clark, R W--Private.
Clark, S E P--Private.
Cochran, Thomas M--Third Lieutenant.
Collins, George H--Private.
Conner, Patrick--Private.
Cooke, A J--Private.
Dalton, Stewart--Private.
Dart, T D--Private.
Davis, M M--Private.
Delaney, David--Private.
Dougherty, Joel E--Private.
Dougherty, John--Private.
Dunklin, Joseph H--Private.
Elliott, J B--Private.
Elliott, John C--Private.
Emanuel, R J--Second Lieutenant.
Faith, Henry--Private.
Fletcher, John--Private.
Gaddis, T F--First Lieutenant.
Gardner, James C--Private.
Goodwin, C C--Private.
Green, John T--Private.
Herrin, James N--Private.
Holston, P R--Private.
Howard, Bridges--Private.
Ingram, B S--Private.
Ingram, H B--Private.
Lake, George--Private.
Latting, A J--Private.
Locke, W W--Private.
Lusk, A M D C--Private.
McCarroll, George--Private.
McDonald, Joel--Private.
McHugh, Thomas--Private.
McLaughlin, Thomas--Private.
McNeill, Archibald J--Captain.
Mahoney, Lawrence--Private.
Martin, Ed--Private.
May, Charles--Private.
Maynard, George--Private.
Newman, Edward F--Private.
Nicholas, William--Private.
Noland, J C--Private.
Peers, G B--Private.
Powell, John--Private.
Quigley, John M--Private.
Richardson, J S--Private.
Roberts, W J--Private.
Rodrico, Manuel--Private.
Shannon, Patrick--Private.
Spinetti, John--Private.
Spurlock, J S--Private.
Strasner, Frank--Musician.
Sweeney, Thomas--Private.
Taylor, Charles J--Private.
Taylor, Francis Marion--Private.
Thompson, William H--Private.
Tompkins, Frank W--Private.
Trimble, A J--Private.
Watson, Jeremiah--Private.
Watson, Thomas--Private.

Partisan Rangers

13th Battalian, Louisiana Militia
"The Little Confederate Band"
Governor Thomas Overton Moore authorized the formation of the few remaining milita companies into battalians of Partisan Rangers for state service. The companies of Northeast Louisiana were combined to form the 13th Battalian, Partisan Rangers, under the command of Colonel Frank Bartlett. Headquartered in Delhi, La. There were Co. E, with Captain W. C. Corbin, they were stationed in Floyd, and Co. C, which was composed of men from Morehouse Parish, under the command of Captain Jack McKoin and posted at Caledonia, La.
On the 9th of May 1862, the Northerns, about 500 men, had surprised Caledonia's force and crossed Bayou Macon. Bartlett's force, combined with Corbin's, a total of 85 men, marched galantly toward the enemy and ambushed their 2 cavalry regiments, leaving 13 dead and capturing 26 prisoners. The Federals making it to the Mississippi River told of their escape from the overwhelming numbers of Rebels, thinking they had confronted General Taylor's army. A wise Colonel Bartlett went on to make raids at the river, capturing many prisoners and supplies.
Colonel Crawford's 13th Texas Infantry reinforced the little Confederate band and they decided to go into the town of Lake Providence. Crossing Bayou Macon capturing the Federal picket at Bunch's Bend, they headed twoard Lake Providence. The Federal had set fire to the bridge at Baxter Bayou and the Tensas bridge was totally destroyed. The Confederates loss was 3 killed, and 7 wounded.

Carroll Guards

14th Louisiana Infantry, Co. I.
A large company was also raised in Pin Hook, now Oak Grove, known as the Carroll Guards. The Police Jury agreed to support each man’s family in his absence. In addition to these companies formed in the parish, individual residents joined companies formed in adjacent parishes. In these first companies, however, only W. D. Hardeman came from the large planter class. The rest were small planters, merchants, and yeoman farmers.

Confederate Defenders

31st Louisiana, Co. A.
On April 12, another group of Carroll volunteers, the Confederate Defenders, was inducted into the Confederate Army as the 31st Louisiana, Co A, the group included E. J. Delony, George Burrus, John Hays, and A. N. McWilliams.

Carroll Dragoons

Louisiana Cavalry Independent Company
ALTERNATE NAMES: Captain Lott's Company
A bounty offered by the Confederate government of $50 had a response of a company of cavalry and was formed in Carroll by Captain A. J. Lott, who was on detached duty from the Carroll Rebels. Known as the Carroll Dragoons, they were inducted into the service of the Confederacy on March 19, 1862.
1 Akin, Richard
2 Akin, Robt. T. Private
3 Baker, T.J.
4 Baker, Thos. J. Private Private
5 Beard, Anthony W.
6 Beard, Eliche P.
7 Bolls, Thomas B.
8 Bradley, Richard
9 Bullen, N.H.
10 Bullen, Nathaniel N. Private Private
11 Bullen, R.G.
12 Bullen, Reason G. Private Private
13 Cash, Madison
14 Cash, Robert F.
15 Chesney, John H.
16 Clamande, J.W.
17 Clark, George W.
18 Clemmonds, Joseph W. Private Private
19 Conine, George W.
20 Conine, John
21 Coon, Daniel Private Private
22 Coon, David
23 Curtis, William L.
24 Davis, C. S. Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant
25 Duggan, John
26 Dunn, Thomas
27 Edwards, John Private
28 Evans, John H Private
29 Evans, Lewis A. Junior Second Lieutenant Junior Second Lieutenant
30 Evans, Seaborne
31 Ferguson, William
32 Fields, William
33 Gardner, George W.
34 Hagan, William
35 Hagood, B.S.
36 Haley, Michael Private Private
37 Healy, Michael
38 Henderson, F.G.
39 Henderson, Franklin G. Private Private
40 Hering, Jacob
41 Herring, Jonah C. Private
42 Herring, S.C.
43 Hill, William J. - -
44 Hogan, William Private Private
45 Humphreys, P. G. - -
46 Humphreys, Phillip ... Private Private
47 Hurley, J.J.
48 Hurley, J.L.
49 Hurley, Jesse J. Private Private
50 Hurley, Joel L. Private Private
51 Hurley, Lorenzo M.C.
52 Hurley, Robert
53 Jackson, Simeon J.
54 Jones, A.W. First Lieutenant First Lieutenant
55 Lennox, Thos. H. Private Private
56 Lenox, T. H.
57 Loflin, John
58 Loflin, William
59 Lott, A.J.
60 Lott, Arthur J. Captain Captain
61 Lott, Jr., Arthur J. Private Private
62 Mabry, Richard
63 Marsh, John A.
64 Martin, Francis
65 Martin, W.E.
66 Martin, Wesley E. Private Private
67 Maybury, Richard Private Private
68 McGaha, Jacob
69 Minard, John E.
70 Moore, Noah A. Private
71 Morris, Jefferson
72 Morris, John B.
73 Mottley, William
74 Murrah, C. I.
75 Osterhout, A.
76 Osterhout, Abram Private Private
77 Philips, William M.
78 Phillips, Zech
79 Price, John S. - -
80 Reneau, Wm. H. Private Private
81 Renouse, W. H.
82 Robertson, George
83 Scammans, L.T.
84 Scummons, Lafayette T. Private Private
85 Simmons, Stephen
86 Smith, Abraham
87 Smith, J. Bolton
88 Stucky, Simon W.
89 Symmonds, Stephen Private Private
90 Truby, James B.
91 Truly, James B. Private Private
92 Whitaker, Daniel
93 Whitaker, G.P.
94 Whitaker, James P. Private Private
95 White, Joseph
96 Williamson, Albert
97 Young, J.M.
98 Young, James M. Private Private

Please contact me if you have someone for me
to put on the Dragoons' list.

Pelican Rifles

25th Louisiana Infantry, Co. K
There was a great deal of excitement in Carroll, and T. C. Scarborough of Providence raised another company of volunteers. Inducted into the Confederacy as the Pelican Rifles, 25th Louisiana Infantry, Co. K., they left almost immediately for Kentucky.

Tunnard, W. F., Captain.-----Elected Major May, 1861; taken prisoner at Elk Horn.
J. P. Viglini, 1st Lieutenant.-----Elected Captain May, 1861.
J. B. Irwin, 2nd Lieutenant.-----Elected 1st Lieutenant May, 1862. Killed at Iuka, Sept. 19, 1862.
Watson, W., 1st Sergeant.-----Discharged, Conscript Act, July 19, 1862.
Waddell, G. D., 2nd Sergeant.-----Appointed Hospital Steward.
Tunnard, W. H., 3rd Sergeant.-----Appointed A. C. S. Sergeant, May, 1862.
Hurley, C., 4th Sergeant.-----Elected 1st Sergeant, May, 1862.
Bogel, J. C., 1st Corporal.
Gentles, H. H., 2nd Corporal.-----Elected Junior 2nd Lieutenant, October 12, 1861; Captain, May 8th, 1862; wounded and taken prisoner at Iuka, Sept. 19, 1862.
Brunat, F. R., 3d Corporal.-----Elected Junior 2nd Lieutenant, May, 1861. Died, March, 1862.
Lewis, D., 4th Corporal.-----3rd Sergeant, May, 1862.
Patterson, R., Musician.-----Drum-major, by appointment, May 15, 1862.
Hersch, H. Musician.-----Transferred from Co. A, July 1, 1862. Killed at Iuka.
Cambell, D., Musician.-----Discharged October, 1861, Camp Jackson, Arkansas., disability.
Aldrich, M. C., Private.-----A. C. S. Department, detached.
Allen,J. B., Private.-----Died July 15, 1861, Fort Smith, Arkansas.
Alexander, S., Private.
Alexander, A., Private.-----Discharged October, 1861, disability.
Addison, J. A., Private.
Bovard, J. A., Private.
Bovard, W. T., Private.
Booth, A. B., Private.
Benton, L. J., Private.-----Killed June 9, 1863, Vicksburg.
Benton, E. J., Private.-----Wounded and died June 30, 1863, Vicksburg.
Burrows, P. Private.
Brandenstein, M., Private.-----2nd Corporal; killed May 22, 1863.
Boullion, J. R., Private.-----Died February 9, 1862, Fayetteville, Arkansas.
Boullion, J. J., Private.-----Discharged August 26, 1862, disability.
Barratt, J. E., Private.
Bell, A. J., Private.-----Discharged July 19, 1862, Conscript Act.
Burrows, A. P., Private.
Bills,J. T., Private.-----Discharged October, 1861, disability.
Bills, H., Private.-----Elected 4th Sergeant May, 1861.
BeHow, E.J., Private.-----Discharged January 1862, disability. Rejoined.
Caffreay,J., Private.-----Wounded and taken prisoner at Iuka, Sept. 19, 1862.
Crasson, J. P., Private.-----Discharged, disability.
Contini, F., Private.
Chambers, J. F., Private.-----Wounded at Vicksburg.
Cain, W. P., Private.-----Killed, Elk Horn, March 7, 1862.
Chambers, H. H., Private.-----Discharged July 19, 1862, Conscript Act.
Cameron, A. F., Private.-----Discharged September, 1861, Camp Jackson, Arkansas., disability.
Cameron, A. W., Private.
Curran, M., Private.-----Wounded at Oak Hills, August 10O, 1861, and discharged September, 1861, Camp Jackson, Arkansas.
Crane, Jas., Private.-----Discharged September, 1861, Camp Jackson, Arkansas., disability.
Duffy, A. V., Private.-----Killed May 22, 1863, Vicksburg.
Dalsheimer, A., Private.-----Taken prisoner, Corinth, May 4, 1862.
Duggan, T., Private.
Denham, R. T., Private.-----Killed September 19, 1862, Iuka, Mississippi.
Elter, A., Private.-----Taken prisoner May 17, 1863, Snyder's Bluff.
Edmonston, W. L., Private.-----Taken prisoner and wounded October 4, 1862, Corinth. Wounded at Vicksburg, 1863.
Echols, D., Private.-----4th Corporal. Taken prisoner March 7, 1862, Elk Horn, and May 19, 1862, Iuka. Wounded and died July 7th, 1863, Vicksburg.
Erwin, W., Private.-----Wounded March 7, 1862, Elk Horn, and discharged April 27, 1862.
Funke, F., Private.-----Discharged July 19, 1862, Conscript Act.
Fraenkel, F., Private.-----Discharged May, 1861, disability.
Finlay, H., Private.-----Went to England after siege of Vicksburg.
Gay, D. B., Private.-----Transferred to Point Coupee, October, 1862.
Hueston,J., Private.-----Discharged July 19, 1862, Conscript Act.
Hickman, B. F., Private.-----Wounded October 4, 1862, Corinth and Vicksburg. Died July 3, 1863.
Hughes, J. C., Private.-----Discharged April 27, 1862.
Heroman, F. M., Private.-----Discharged July 19, 1862, Conscript Act.
Hock, J., Private.-----Taken prisoner September 19, 1862, Iuka. Went to Germany.
Hall, C., Private.-----Wounded August lo, 1861, Oak Hills. Discharged September, 1861, Camp Jackson.
Hernandez, H., Private.-----Died September 5, 1861, Mount Vernon, Missouri.
Hemandez, L., Private.-----Discharged May, 1861, New Orleans.
Hardy, J. H., Private.-----Discharged August 20, 1861, Camp Jackson, Arkansas., disability.
Hackett, A., Private.
Henderson, R. L., Private.-----Discharged April 7, 186,, Fayetteville, Arkansas. Captain 8th Louisiana, Battalion.
Heavy Artillery.
Hyatt, J., Private.-----Left Company December, 1862.
Jolly, E., Private. 2nd Sergeant.
Jones, Chas., Private.-----Discharged, May, 1861, New Orleans.
Knox, N. L., Private.-----Wounded August 10, 1861, Oak Hills, and died September 15, 1861, Mt. Vernon, Missouri.
Loyd, E. A., Private.
McGuinness, W., Private.
McFarland, W., Private.
McCabe, R. J., Private.
Monget, W., Private.-----Wounded, Oak Hills, August 10, 1861. Discharged, September, 1861.
Nelson,J. M., Private.-----Detached September 16, 1862, A. Q. M. Department.
Perry, J. G., Private.
Pino, A., Private.
Payne, A. B., Private.-----Elected 2nd Junior Lieutenant, May 8, 1862.
Powers, J., Private.-----Discharged January 1, 1863, disability.
Roysdon, A. W. Private.-----Transferred to 25th Louisiana Infantry, 1865.
Robinson, G. L., Private.
Russ, S. P., Private.-----1st Corporal. Wounded at Oak Hills and Vicksburg.
Robertson, J. H., Private.-----Wounded at Corinth October 4, 1863, and taken prisoner.
Roddy, J., Private.-----3rd Corporal. Wounded and taken prisoner September 19, 1862, Iuka.
Reams, D. B., Private.
Russ, V. C., Private.-----Discharged, July 19, 1862, Conscript Act.
Smith, Jed., Private.-----Discharged, January, 1862, Fayetteville, Arkansas.
Sparks, J. H., Private.-----Discharged, October, 1862, disability.
Stephens, J. G., Private.
Sanchez,J., Private.-----Discharged, September, 1861, Camp Jackson, Arkansas., disability.
Tunnard, F. D., Private.-----1st Sergeant. Elected 2nd Junior Lieutenant, May, 1861, New Orleans. Resigned and resumed to Regiment 1862. Wounded at Iuka.
Thomas, H., Private.
Taqueno, F., Private.-----Wounded and taken prisoner, October 4th, 1862, Corinth.
Walters, T. R., Private.-----Wounded August 10, 1861, Oak Hi11s. Discharged, September, 1861.
Williams, J. D., Private.-----Elected 2nd Lieutenant, May 8th, 1862. Wounded October 4th, 1862, Corinth.
Watson, W. W., Private.-----Discharged, January, 1862, Fayetteville, Arkansas., disability.
Williams, J., Private. Wounded August 10, 1861, Oak Hills, and discharged, September, 1861, Camp Jackson.

., April 10, 1862. Present on all Rolls to Feb., 1863. Federal Rolls of Prisoners of War, Captured Vicksburg, Miss., July

Carroll Rebels

4th Battalian, Louisiana Infantry, Co. D.
The men of the 4th Battalian were recruited from the parishes of Madison, Ouachita, Franklin, Tensas, and Concordia. Carroll formed the Carroll Rebels, under the command of Captain A. J. Lott, on August 9, 1861. In September the 4th Battalian (6 companies) were ordered to Virginia. It hadd 250 troops in the conflict at Secessionville, where 6 were killed and 22 were wounded. Afterwards ordered to Mississippi, and then assigned to Wilson's, D. W. Adams', and Gibson's Brigade. It fought with the Army of Tennessee from Chickamauga to Nashville. It totalled 116 men and 38 arms in December, 1863, and had 71 present for duty in November, 1864. It aided in the defense of Mobile in 1865. It surrendered with the Dept. of Mississippi, Alabama, and Eastern Louisiana.
The field officers were George C. Waddill, Lieutenant Colonel John McEnery, and Majors Duncan Buie.
Adams, John Private Private (also Co. B)
Anderson, R. Junior Second Lieutenant Junior Second Lieutenant
Bagley, A. Private Private
Bates, William (also B) Private Private
Batey, William (also B) Private Private
Berry, H. L. Private Private
Birdsell, A. Corporal Private
Blake, W. Private Private
Bond, J. J. Private Private
Braswell, J. Private Private
Braswell, R. B. Private Private
Braswell, Robert Private Private
Braswell, T. Private Private
Brazeale, J. J. Sergeant Private
Braziel, John J. Sergeant Private
Brazle, James J. Sergeant Private
Breazeale, A. J. Private Private
Breazeale, J. J. Sergeant Private
Breazeale, John J. Sergeant Private
Brown, Charles Corporal Private
Brown, J.R. Private Second Lieutenant
Cash, R. Private Private
Childers, R.W. Private Private
Childress, R.W. Private Private
Christoper, J. Private Private
Clay, H. (also Co. E) Private Private
Clay, John C. (also Co. E) Private Private
Cloman, J. W. First Sergeant Private
Clowman, G.W. First Sergeant Private
Coleman, E. L. Captain Captain
Collins, J. G. Private Private
Collins, J. T. Private Private
Considine, T. Private Private
Constantine, T. Private Private
Cook, A. J. Private Private
Corkene, O. P. Private Private
Corkern, O. P. Private Private
Cosh, M. Private Private
Crow, James W. H. Private Private
Cunningham, D. L. Private Private
Cunningham, J. S. Private Private
Cunningham, T. L. Private Private
Delaney, J. Private Private
Denin, W. Private Private
Dennin, William Private Private
Denning, William Private Private
Deyo, A. C. Private Private
Dickson, R. H. Private Private
Dickson, Rodger H. Private Private
English, William Private Private
Farrar, W.H.H. Private Private
Feltenburg, H. Private Sergeant
Fleming, John Private Private
Flyn, J. Private Private
Foreman, George Corporal Private
Fox, George R. Sergeant Private
Gallman, J. T. Private Private
Gilbert, W. T. Private Corporal
Giles, W. B. Private Private
Gollman, J. T. Private Private
Harbinson, M. P. Private Musician
Harbison, M. P. Private Musician
Hart, W. W. Private Private
Helm, L. R. Private Private
Helon, L. R. Private Private
Howell, L. M. Private Corporal
Howell, Lewis H. Private Corporal
Howell, Lewis M. Private Corporal
Howell, Lewis N. Private Corporal
Hughes, A. Private Private
James, R. Private Private
Johns, David Private First Sergeant
Kelly, L. H. Private Private
Lear, Charles Private Private
Litt, Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant
Lott, A. J. Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant
Maher, Thomas Private Private
Martin, H. Private Private
Martin, N. H. Private Private
Martin, Thomas Private Private
Martin, W. Private Private
McCarty, W. Private Private
McClenden, W. Private First Lieutenant
McClendon, F. J. Sergeant Sergeant
McClendon, J. W. Private First Lieutenant
McClendon, W. Private First Lieutenant
McDonald, A. Private Private
Mealy, J. L. Private Corporal
Meehan, T. Private Private
Mesham, T. Private Private
Middleton, J. C. E, Private Junior Second Lieutenant
Middleton, John E, Private Lieutenant
Miller, P. P. Private Private
Mills, S. W. Private Private
Mondey, C. Private Private
Moon, Samuel Private Sergeant
Mooney, P. Private Private
Moreland, W. W. Private Sergeant
Moultrie, Y. Private Corporal
Moultry, Y. Private Corporal
Osbacks, Charles Corporal Corporal
Osterhauh, A. Private Private
Owen, J. J. Private Private
Puckett, P. B. Private Private
Putcher, Adam Private Private
Reardon, M. Private Private
Rice, R. H. Private Corporal
Robb, B. F. Private Private
Robinson, Wiley Private Private
Robison, William Private Private
Rollins, M. B. Private Sergeant
Rushbrook, S. B. Musician Musician
Rushbrook, S. D. Musician Musician
Rushbrook, Samuel Musician Musician
Saxon, B. F. Private Private
Scarborough, W. H. Private Private
Scarborough, W. J. Private Private
Scarbrough, W. J. Private Private
Scott, R. Private Private
Seaborn, O. Private Private
Smith, J. L. Private Private
Stevens, L. E. First Lieutenant Captain
Stewart, W.W. Private Private
Stowen, Lewis First Lieutenant Captain
Stowers, Louis E. First Lieutenant Captain
Stroud, F. Private Private
Stroud, J. Private Private
Turner, E. Private Private
Upshaw, J.W. Private Private
Upshaw, W. E. Private Private
Vines, Jackson Private Private
Vines, John Private Private
Walker, S. G. Private Sergeant
Ward, H. Sergeant Sergeant
Ward, Hyram Sergeant Sergeant
Wescott, O. F. Private Private

Floyd Guards

2nd Louisiana, Co. G .
"From across the Macon came the Floyd Guards under the command of John W. Dunn. Among those serving in the Guards were D. W. Kelly, W. A. Draughon, and Wesley McGuirt." from "A Place to Remember", by Georgia Payne Durham Pinkston

The Floyd Guards and the Carroll Guards were ordered to Virginia
where they served under General Robert E. Lee.
Serving in the Guards:
Kelly, D. W.
Draughon, W. A.
McGuirt, Wesley
(Served under the command of Dunn, John W.)
The nucleus of this regiment was the 2nd Regt. Va. Vols., organized June 8, 1860, from the volunteer militia companies of the 55th Regt. (Jefferson County) Va. Militia. The 2nd Virginia Infantry served with great distinction under "Stonewall" Jackson up until the time of his death. The regiment served in a great army other engagements until the close of the war. Colonels of the regiment included James W. Allen (killed 6/27/62), Lawson Botts (mortally wounded 8/28/62), Raleigh T. Colston (mortally wounded 11/27/62), John Q. A. Nadenbousch (wounded and resigned 4/12/64), William W. Randolph (killed 5/5/64), Charles H. Stewart, and Joseph J. Jenkins.
Roster of Floyd Guards, 2nd Louisiana, Co. G.:
Aikin, W.C. G Private Private
Akin, W.C. G Private Private

Lake Providence Cadets

4th Louisiana Infantry
During the first months of 1861, military companies were formed throughout Louisiana, including the Lake Providence Cadets, the largest in the state with 120 members. Among those serving in the ranks were Matt Kingsley, James Bass, and J. Jamison. Elected as officers in the company were Franc V. Whicher, Captain; W. F. Pennington, First Lieutenant; and D. C. Jenkins, Jr. and C. R. Purdy, Second Lieutenants.
[ If you would like to find out more about the 4th Louisiana Infantry visit Tom Richey at his website:htt:// ]

(Fourth Louisiana Infantry, Co. H.)
CAPTAIN: Whicher, Franc V.
SECOND LIEUTENANTS: Jenkins, D. C. Jr., and Purdy, C. R.
other members included:
Private W. C. Adams
Private B. H. Alexander
Private E. S. Alexander
Private William Alexander
Private F. J. Alford
Private T. L. Alford
Private M. M. Allen (Allison?)
Private J. R. Armistead
Private T. J. Barker
Private James A. Bass, Jr
Private W. J. Berry
Private J. L. Blase (Blatz)
Private A. J. Blount
Sergeant William A. Blount
Private J. K. Bovard
Private William Bourke
Corporal Henry Bower
Private James M. Bradford
Private John Brannon (Banner)
Private R. H. Burke
Private Mathew Butten
Private J. A. Cladwell
Private Michael M. Carnay
Private John Cliner
2nd Lieut. John D. Conn
Private J. F. Cottrell
Private B. F. Crocket
Private Daniel Cronan
Private J. A. Davenport
Private K. R. Davis
Private H. L Deeson
Surgeon W. L DeFrance
Corporal William Doran
Private F. Dreyfus
Private Thomas Eatmon
Private Thomas Egan
Private H. Fink (Frink)
Private F. Flissner (Flessner)
Private William Frazer
Private Henry Galliway
Private Patrick Gerin (Gerrin)
Private B. Gillbrida
Private G. Gloker (Bleker)
Private M. J. Grace
Private W. L. Grace
Corporal John T. Green
Private D. Gutzmer
Private J. W. Hayes
Private Matt Howley
Private E. J. Hynes
Private A. H. Hillman
Sergeant Thomas E. Hogge
Private J. M. Jamison
Private Robert Jamison
2nd Lieut. D. C. Jenkins
Corporal B. C. Johnson
Private J. C. Jones
Private J. M. Jones
Private J. W. Keller
Private L. Kibbe
Sergeant Mat Kingsley
Private Louis Kirkland
Private Ed L. Kleinpeter
Private L. A. Land
Private T. A. Laster
Private Patrick Lawler
1st Lieut George C. Lemmon
Private John LIvey (Levey)
Private Levi Levy
Surgeon Charles D. Lewis
Private Peter Lintz (Leutz)
Private Nick Magorin
Private John R. McAuley
Private J. W. McElroy
Private Patrick McGuire
Private M. McHugh
1st Lieut. William T. McJilton
2nd Lieut George R. Medary
Private William M. Moon
Private D. T. Murley (Murphy)
Private John Murphy
Private M. C. Noonan, Jr.
Captain John (James) O'Bryan
Lt. Colonel William F. Pennington
Private James M. Pride
Private William C. Potts
Captain Charles R. Purdy
Ordinance Sgt. V. M. Purdy
Private John Redus
Private T. J. Riley
2nd Lieut A. W. Roberts
Private M. W. Roberts
Private John S. Rowe
Sergeant N. B. Russell
Private B. f. Rust
Private John Ryan
2nd Lieut Alfred H. Scott
Private Charles Scovil
Private Armond Selby
Sergeant Michael D. Shaffer
Private R. H. Shields
Private W. H. Simmers (Simmons)
Lieut. L. B. Smith
Corporal James M. Stafford
Private J. L. F. Steward
Private G. W. Taylor
Corporal A. G. Tompkins
Private W. H. Tompkin
Sergeant A. V. Vernon
Captain Aaron W. Verter/Vertner
Captain Frank Whicher
Lieut. Thomas White
Drummer Henry Wilson, Jr.
Private Thomas Wilson
Private Fred Winkleman

att, J., Private.-----Left Company December, 1862.
Jolly, E., Private. 2nd Seargent

Monticello Rifles

Third Louisiana Infantry, Co. H.
From the southern part of the parish came the Monticello Rifles, in which W. D. Hardeman, W. C. Corbin, and C. A. Hedrick served, under the command of Captain John S. Richards. They were ordered to Arkansas.
Richards, J. S. Re-elected May 08, 1862. Promoted to Major.
Hardeman, W. D., Captain
Promoted Captian and A.Q.M., A. A. G., General Hebert's Staff
J. S. Richards, Captain.-----Re-elected May 8, 1862. Promoted Major.
W. D. Hardeman, 1st Lieutenant.-----Promoted Captain and A. Q. M., A.
A. G., General Hebert's Staff.
A. A. Hedrick, 2nd Lieutenant.-----Promoted 1st Lieutenant, May 8, 1862.
W. H. Corbin, 2nd Lieutenant.-----Discharged.
H. Maynadier, 1st Sergeant.-----Discharged.
A. W. Currie, 2nd Sergeant.-----Promoted Captain. Elected 2nd Lieutenant, May 8, 1862.
J. W. Alexander, 3rd Sergeant.-----Killed at Floyd, Louisiana, by Federals.
Dr. J. Chambless, 4th Sergeant.-----Appointed Surgeon, 1861.
T. G. Walcott, 1st Corporal.-----Discharged.
Dr. J. S. Herring, 2nd Corporal.-----Discharged.
W. A. Page, 3rd Corporal.-----Discharged. Rejoined.
C. E. Guy, 4th Corporal.
Anthony, S. L.
Atkins, J. M.-----Discharged, 1861.
Beard, W. A. 1st Sergeant.-----Killed, March 7, 1862, Elk Horn.
Beverly, J. J.-----Discharged, 1862, Fayetteville, Arkansas.
Bickman, J. D.-----Killed, September 19, 1862, Iuka.
Bonner, W. F.-----Discharged.
Bowles, J. E.-----Died, 1861, Fort Smith, Arkansas.
Bradley, W. C.
Briggs, H. D.-----Appointed 1st Sergeant, 1862.
Bruton, B.-----Discharged. Killed at Floyd, Louisiana.
Bullard, T.-----Discharged.
Byrd, H.
Byrd, J.-----Killed, Vicksburg.
Bums, W., Corporal.-----Killed, Vicksburg.
Cathron, J.
Crawford, F. A.
Canady, W. J.
Collins, G.-----Discharged. Killed by Federals.
Collinsky, P.-----Discharged.
Corbin, W. P.-----Killed, March 7, I 862, Elk Horn, Arkansas.
Corbin, J. J.-----Discharged. Afterward Lieutenant.
Davis, J.
Dawson, M. H.
De France, A.
Dempsey, _____.Died.
Dorsey, W.-----Died at Hospital, Quitman, Louisiana.
Drake, J. B.-----Discharged.
Eddins, L. S.
Ewing, A. G. Captain and A. C. S., 3rd Louisiana Cavalry.
Fitch, W. P.-----Discharged.
Fitch, N. F.-----Discharged.
Green, W.
Gardner, T. B.
Guy, C. E.
Hedrick, J. E. C.-----Discharged.
Hedrick, P. P.
Hedrick, W. A.
Hargrove, W. J.
Hargrove, J. F.-----Wounded, Vicksburg.
Hash, B. F.-----Died.
Holbrook, _____.----- Discharged.
Holden, J. J.-----Discharged.
Horton, W. C.-----Killed.
Horton, H. T.
HoHand, J. B.
Howard, J.-----Discharged, July 19, 1862, Conscript Act.
Humphreys, J. H.
Insley, T.
Irwin, E.
Irwin, J. J.
James, S.-----Died, June, 1861, Fort Smith, Arkansas.
Jeeter, C. S.-----Killed accidentally, 1863, Snyder's Bluff.
Jones, M. A. J.-----Discharged.
Keegan, Geo.
Kelly, J.-----Discharged, wounded.
Keeff, M.-----Discharged, 1862.
Knight, B.-----Died, 1862, Tupelo, Mississippi.
Landfair, J. L.
Leggett, E. H.
Mangum, W. S.-----Discharged.
Martin, J. A.-----Killed, Vicksburg.
Martin, T. D.
Murphy, M.
McCarty, F. B.
McCowen, J.-----Wounded, V\cksburg.
McDonald, J.-----Killed, September I9, 1862, luka.
McDonald, R.
McGrew, S. J.-----Killed at Floyd, Louisiana, by Federals.
NcNiel, J.-----Elected 1st Lieutenant.
McFadden, E.
McPherson, Alexander--- private listed
Morrison, J.
Morehead, N.
Nash, J. R.-----Appointed 2nd Sergeant.
Nolan, W. P.-----Discharged.
Only,J. T.-----Killed, March 7, 1862, Elk Horn.
Perry, J. E.-----Killed March 7, 1862. Elk Horn.
Perry,J. R.
Pope, W. P.-----Discharged.
Richardson, W. W.-----Discharged.
Richardson, L., Dr.-----Discharged.
Ravan, J.-----Discharged.
Ray, J. E. -----Discharged.
Reese, J. C.-----Killed, Vicksburg.
Reese, S. L.
Rollins, J.-----Discharged.
Rollins, R.-----Discharged.
Roland, J. F.
Scott, R. C.-----Transferred to McCulloch's escort, 1861.
Scott, H. L.
Sharplin, W. P.-----Killed, March 7, 1862, Elk Horn.
Smith, J. M.
Sherdan, B. F.-----Discharged.
Sherdan, J. M.-----Discharged.
Singleton, S. S.-----Killed, March 7, 1862, Elk Horn.
Sims, L. P.
Smithe,J. M.-----Killed, March 7, 1869, Elk Horn.
Smithe, N. B.-----Discharged.
Spurlock, J. L.-----Discharged.
Stuart, J. M.-----Elected 2nd Lieutenant, May 8, 1862. Wounded at
Tornlin, M. H.-----Killed on "Big Black," Mississippi.
Tompkins, J. B.
Wade, S.
Weatherly, W. W.-----Died.
Whadey, J. W.
Wilson, D.-----Discharged.
Veale, J.-----Killed, Vicksburg.
Young, S.-----Discharged.
Young, James.-----Died, 1861, Fort Smith, Arkansas.
Young, John.

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the Monticello Rifles' list.
Newspaper: Banner Democrat, East Carroll Parish, Louisiana Submitted by: Evelyn Mathews Ross 9/02 Dedicated to my mother & her love of genealogy. Copyright. All rights reserved.
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Banner Democrat Saturday, July 22, 1899 Page 3

FROM AN OLD CONFEDERATE. -------- Canton, Ky., July 4, 1899. Mr. Editor: -- My object in writing you is to find out if some of my old comrades are yet in the land of the living. I went out with Company H, 3rd La. Volunteers, and our company was known as the Monticello Rifles, J.S. Richards, Captain; D. Hardeman, 1st Lieut.; C.A. Hedrick, 2nd Lieut.; Wm. Corban, 3rd Lieut. I have forgotten our orderly sergeant, but he was a good old man, and I think was discharged during the first year of the war. Then H.B. Briggs was made orderly, and served in that capacity until we stacked arms at Vicksburg, thirty-nine years ago to-day. Mr. Briggs was a native of the State of New York, and was as good a soldier as ever fired a gun; but I think our company was made up of as good material as could be found anywhere; officers and men were brave and fearless. I would be glad to hear from some of them. I am an old man now; will be sixty-four years old on the 11th of August, if I should live to that time. It has been so long since I lived in your parish that I have forgotten the names of a great many persons. I am a native of Kentucky, and went to Floyd in 1858, and did business in that place with my brother-in-law, G.M. Langford, and knew a great many people. If I could I would pay dear old Carroll a visit before I die. I had but one sister, and she sleeps on a mound two miles below Floyd, on what was then known as the Creed Motley place, but I will never be able to visit the spot. I know everybody would be strangers now; but if I could see the Lotts, the DeFrance's, the Cheatham's, Draughn, the Montgomery's, the Wyly's Roberts, Delony, Darden, Hanagan's, and a host of other good people, it would be a very great pleasure to me in my old age. Hoping this will be the means of finding some of my old friends.
I am respectfully,

Carroll Guards

14th Louisiana Infantry, Co. I.
A large company was also raised in Pin Hook, now Oak Grove, known as the Carroll Guards. The Police Jury agreed to support each man’s family in his absence. In addition to these companies formed in the parish, individual residents joined companies formed in adjacent parishes. In these first companies, however, only W. D. Hardeman came from the large planter class. The rest were small planters, merchants, and yeoman farmers.
Served under General Robert E. Lee.