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Briarfield Rebels

6th Battalian Arkansas Cavalry, Co. D
6th Battalian AR Cavalry, Co. F. "Macon Cavalry" of Madison Parish, La. (April 20, 1862)
2nd Regiment Arkansas Cavalry, Co. C. (May 15, 1862)
A cavalry company formed in Providence, Carroll Parish on Aug. 10, 1861. The courageous and resourceful Lieutenant Cicero M. Allen and Lieutenant Allen and all the brave Louisianans engaged in the skirmish at Newport News, Virginia. The 1st sacrifice of the South was Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Dreux. Cicero & Columbus Allen, Bailey V. Vinson and McVicker carried his body from the field.
While in Briton's Lane, Tennessee, Cicero Allen was wounded and made prisoner. After being carried to a Federal hospital where they dressed his wounds he walked out of the hospital and found the surgeons horse - leaped into the saddle and fled into the darkness. Afterwards he was called "The One-Armed Scout".
The Briarfield Rebels fought in Tennessee and later in eastern Louisiana. The company enlisted in Confederate service at Memphis, Tennessee, on September 1, 1861, and was assigned as Co. D. of the 6th Battalion Arkansas Cavalry.
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Roster of the Brierfield Rebels.
Allen, Cicero M--Private.
Allen, Columbus H--Private.
Baskin, R P--Private.
Beasley, Emanuel--Private.
Blackman, B Jr--Private.
Booth, Hull--Private.
Bradford, Benjamin F--Private.
Bradford, J B--Private.
Bunch, A H--Private.
Byrnes, James--Private.
Chandler, B J--Private.
Clark, R W--Private.
Clark, S E P--Private.
Cochran, Thomas M--Third Lieutenant.
Collins, George H--Private.
Conner, Patrick--Private.
Cooke, A J--Private.
Dalton, Stewart--Private.
Dart, T D--Private.
Davis, M M--Private.
Delaney, David--Private.
Dougherty, Joel E--Private.
Dougherty, John--Private.
Dunklin, Joseph H--Private.
Elliott, J B--Private.
Elliott, John C--Private.
Emanuel, R J--Second Lieutenant.
Faith, Henry--Private.
Fletcher, John--Private.
Gaddis, T F--First Lieutenant.
Gardner, James C--Private.
Goodwin, C C--Private.
Green, John T--Private.
Herrin, James N--Private.
Holston, P R--Private.
Howard, Bridges--Private.
Ingram, B S--Private.
Ingram, H B--Private.
Lake, George--Private.
Latting, A J--Private.
Locke, W W--Private.
Lusk, A M D C--Private.
McCarroll, George--Private.
McDonald, Joel--Private.
McHugh, Thomas--Private.
McLaughlin, Thomas--Private.
McNeill, Archibald J--Captain.
Mahoney, Lawrence--Private.
Martin, Ed--Private.
May, Charles--Private.
Maynard, George--Private.
Newman, Edward F--Private.
Nicholas, William--Private.
Noland, J C--Private.
Peers, G B--Private.
Powell, John--Private.
Quigley, John M--Private.
Richardson, J S--Private.
Roberts, W J--Private.
Rodrico, Manuel--Private.
Shannon, Patrick--Private.
Spinetti, John--Private.
Spurlock, J S--Private.
Strasner, Frank--Musician.
Sweeney, Thomas--Private.
Taylor, Charles J--Private.
Taylor, Francis Marion--Private.
Thompson, William H--Private.
Tompkins, Frank W--Private.
Trimble, A J--Private.
Watson, Jeremiah--Private.
Watson, Thomas--Private.

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  1. Hi, can you tell me where I can find records of the Briarfield men killed in action ? I am searching for Frank W Tompkins and read somewhere that he died in action in 1863...but I can find NOTHING:(
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