Monday, July 6, 2009

Partisan Rangers

13th Battalian, Louisiana Militia
"The Little Confederate Band"
Governor Thomas Overton Moore authorized the formation of the few remaining milita companies into battalians of Partisan Rangers for state service. The companies of Northeast Louisiana were combined to form the 13th Battalian, Partisan Rangers, under the command of Colonel Frank Bartlett. Headquartered in Delhi, La. There were Co. E, with Captain W. C. Corbin, they were stationed in Floyd, and Co. C, which was composed of men from Morehouse Parish, under the command of Captain Jack McKoin and posted at Caledonia, La.
On the 9th of May 1862, the Northerns, about 500 men, had surprised Caledonia's force and crossed Bayou Macon. Bartlett's force, combined with Corbin's, a total of 85 men, marched galantly toward the enemy and ambushed their 2 cavalry regiments, leaving 13 dead and capturing 26 prisoners. The Federals making it to the Mississippi River told of their escape from the overwhelming numbers of Rebels, thinking they had confronted General Taylor's army. A wise Colonel Bartlett went on to make raids at the river, capturing many prisoners and supplies.
Colonel Crawford's 13th Texas Infantry reinforced the little Confederate band and they decided to go into the town of Lake Providence. Crossing Bayou Macon capturing the Federal picket at Bunch's Bend, they headed twoard Lake Providence. The Federal had set fire to the bridge at Baxter Bayou and the Tensas bridge was totally destroyed. The Confederates loss was 3 killed, and 7 wounded.

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