Monday, July 6, 2009

Floyd Guards

2nd Louisiana, Co. G .
"From across the Macon came the Floyd Guards under the command of John W. Dunn. Among those serving in the Guards were D. W. Kelly, W. A. Draughon, and Wesley McGuirt." from "A Place to Remember", by Georgia Payne Durham Pinkston

The Floyd Guards and the Carroll Guards were ordered to Virginia
where they served under General Robert E. Lee.
Serving in the Guards:
Kelly, D. W.
Draughon, W. A.
McGuirt, Wesley
(Served under the command of Dunn, John W.)
The nucleus of this regiment was the 2nd Regt. Va. Vols., organized June 8, 1860, from the volunteer militia companies of the 55th Regt. (Jefferson County) Va. Militia. The 2nd Virginia Infantry served with great distinction under "Stonewall" Jackson up until the time of his death. The regiment served in a great army other engagements until the close of the war. Colonels of the regiment included James W. Allen (killed 6/27/62), Lawson Botts (mortally wounded 8/28/62), Raleigh T. Colston (mortally wounded 11/27/62), John Q. A. Nadenbousch (wounded and resigned 4/12/64), William W. Randolph (killed 5/5/64), Charles H. Stewart, and Joseph J. Jenkins.
Roster of Floyd Guards, 2nd Louisiana, Co. G.:
Aikin, W.C. G Private Private
Akin, W.C. G Private Private

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