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Lake Providence Cadets

4th Louisiana Infantry
During the first months of 1861, military companies were formed throughout Louisiana, including the Lake Providence Cadets, the largest in the state with 120 members. Among those serving in the ranks were Matt Kingsley, James Bass, and J. Jamison. Elected as officers in the company were Franc V. Whicher, Captain; W. F. Pennington, First Lieutenant; and D. C. Jenkins, Jr. and C. R. Purdy, Second Lieutenants.
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(Fourth Louisiana Infantry, Co. H.)
CAPTAIN: Whicher, Franc V.
SECOND LIEUTENANTS: Jenkins, D. C. Jr., and Purdy, C. R.
other members included:
Private W. C. Adams
Private B. H. Alexander
Private E. S. Alexander
Private William Alexander
Private F. J. Alford
Private T. L. Alford
Private M. M. Allen (Allison?)
Private J. R. Armistead
Private T. J. Barker
Private James A. Bass, Jr
Private W. J. Berry
Private J. L. Blase (Blatz)
Private A. J. Blount
Sergeant William A. Blount
Private J. K. Bovard
Private William Bourke
Corporal Henry Bower
Private James M. Bradford
Private John Brannon (Banner)
Private R. H. Burke
Private Mathew Butten
Private J. A. Cladwell
Private Michael M. Carnay
Private John Cliner
2nd Lieut. John D. Conn
Private J. F. Cottrell
Private B. F. Crocket
Private Daniel Cronan
Private J. A. Davenport
Private K. R. Davis
Private H. L Deeson
Surgeon W. L DeFrance
Corporal William Doran
Private F. Dreyfus
Private Thomas Eatmon
Private Thomas Egan
Private H. Fink (Frink)
Private F. Flissner (Flessner)
Private William Frazer
Private Henry Galliway
Private Patrick Gerin (Gerrin)
Private B. Gillbrida
Private G. Gloker (Bleker)
Private M. J. Grace
Private W. L. Grace
Corporal John T. Green
Private D. Gutzmer
Private J. W. Hayes
Private Matt Howley
Private E. J. Hynes
Private A. H. Hillman
Sergeant Thomas E. Hogge
Private J. M. Jamison
Private Robert Jamison
2nd Lieut. D. C. Jenkins
Corporal B. C. Johnson
Private J. C. Jones
Private J. M. Jones
Private J. W. Keller
Private L. Kibbe
Sergeant Mat Kingsley
Private Louis Kirkland
Private Ed L. Kleinpeter
Private L. A. Land
Private T. A. Laster
Private Patrick Lawler
1st Lieut George C. Lemmon
Private John LIvey (Levey)
Private Levi Levy
Surgeon Charles D. Lewis
Private Peter Lintz (Leutz)
Private Nick Magorin
Private John R. McAuley
Private J. W. McElroy
Private Patrick McGuire
Private M. McHugh
1st Lieut. William T. McJilton
2nd Lieut George R. Medary
Private William M. Moon
Private D. T. Murley (Murphy)
Private John Murphy
Private M. C. Noonan, Jr.
Captain John (James) O'Bryan
Lt. Colonel William F. Pennington
Private James M. Pride
Private William C. Potts
Captain Charles R. Purdy
Ordinance Sgt. V. M. Purdy
Private John Redus
Private T. J. Riley
2nd Lieut A. W. Roberts
Private M. W. Roberts
Private John S. Rowe
Sergeant N. B. Russell
Private B. f. Rust
Private John Ryan
2nd Lieut Alfred H. Scott
Private Charles Scovil
Private Armond Selby
Sergeant Michael D. Shaffer
Private R. H. Shields
Private W. H. Simmers (Simmons)
Lieut. L. B. Smith
Corporal James M. Stafford
Private J. L. F. Steward
Private G. W. Taylor
Corporal A. G. Tompkins
Private W. H. Tompkin
Sergeant A. V. Vernon
Captain Aaron W. Verter/Vertner
Captain Frank Whicher
Lieut. Thomas White
Drummer Henry Wilson, Jr.
Private Thomas Wilson
Private Fred Winkleman

att, J., Private.-----Left Company December, 1862.
Jolly, E., Private. 2nd Seargent

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